Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the user acknowledges, agrees and confirms to be bound by all of their content. If the user does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, he/she will not be able to use the portal or any of its services.

The Center reserves the absolute right to change, modify or cancel any of the Terms and Conditions, whether in whole or in part, at any time, at its sole discretion, without giving any warning or prior notice to the user, or informing them of any changes or modifications made to the Terms and Conditions or services included in the portal at any time.

The users must review the Terms and Conditions periodically to be informed of all changes, amendments and updates. The User will be fully responsible for reading, understanding, accepting and approving such changes or modifications, and acknowledge their entry into force upon their publication.

The continued use of the portal constitutes an express consent to the applicable Terms and Conditions. For further clarification, any change, cancellation or modification of the Terms and Conditions will be applied on all users.
  • Kingdom : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • The Center or KSrelief : King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre, including all of its branches both inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Terms and Conditions : these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Applicant : a user filling in the registration form in the portal, whether a legal entity or body that registers or wishes to register its data and information in the portal for the purposes of joining the lists of portal users who wish to work with the Center in its various activities.
  • The Portal : This portal, owned by KSrelief on the World Wide Web (Internet) , which is used by the users to register their data and information so that the Center can evaluate the possibility of enrolling them in the registration and qualification lists to work with the Center in the provision and implementation of various activities in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • The User(s) : They may include, but are not limited to, contractors, suppliers, implementing partners, consultancy firms and offices, and various service providers wishing to cooperate with the Center in providing services and carrying out various activities by registering their data and information through the portal for the purpose of including them on the Center's lists in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.
  • Form : Registration form for users of the portal.
  • Code of Ethics : KSrelief’s Code of Ethics.
2.1 The information or data in the portal must be registered by a person officially authorized by the User to do so.
2.2 The Applicant shall acknowledge that they have the legal right and ability to use the Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal as provided herein.
2.3 All Users of the portal must provide the correct required background information and the correct e-mail address for registering in the Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal. The User must provide the name of the legal entity and all appropriate legal documents.
2.4 No user has the right to list, provide or use confidential data or information belonging to any other user or entity. If user violates this term, he/she shall be solely responsible.
2.5 In order to use Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal., the Applicant needs to have access to the Internet. Accordingly, the Applicant is responsible for any connection, service or fees associated with accessing the Internet and the provision of all necessary equipment that enables the Applicant to connect to the Internet (including computer, modem and any other devices necessary for access). KSrelief shall not bear any responsibility in this regard.
2.6 Due to the limited capacity of all servers and the fact that they are used by many people at the same time, the Applicant shall not use the Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal in any way that leads to sabotage or exceeds the capacity of the servers or any network connected to any of the Centre’s servers. The Applicant shall refrain from using Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal in any way which does or may technically lead to interfering with any other party's use of the Portal in a manner that violates or is likely to violate any relevant laws, legal rights or entitlements of any other party in accordance with all relevant laws.

3.1 The User acknowledges and agrees that KSrelief is not responsible for any third-party websites accessed through the portal.
3.2 The Center shall not assume any responsibility or liability arising from any engagement between the User and other parties, or through the Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration portal, that results in burdens of any kind.

4.1 All distinctive marks and symbols displayed in this Portal, or any of the Center's distinctive marks or symbols, remain solely owned by the Center. Under this portal, the user shall not be entitled to any rights or authorizations to use, copy, circulate, dispose of, borrow or modify any of the above, while the Center reserves all moral and intellectual rights.
4.2 The approval of the Terms and Conditions or the use of the portal shall in no way mean a waiver by KSrelief of any intellectual property or moral rights pertaining to any of its distinctive marks, logos or names. KSrelief has the exclusive rights to all intellectual property and other moral rights, including (without specifying) patents, copyrights, and distinctive marks of KSrelief, if any; this includes all materials, signs and logos directly or indirectly associated with this Portal or produced, prepared or collected for the benefit of KSrelief. In general, all intellectual property and moral rights (whether registered or not) which have been acquired by KSrelief legally (or are under acquisition), or prepared or developed for the benefit of the Center remain the sole property of KSrelief.

5.1 The Center has the right to terminate the User's use of the Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal immediately in case the User breaches these Terms and Conditions, or if the Center believes, based on logical reasons, that the User may breach the Terms and Conditions, or if the user has engaged in behavior that the Center considers, at its sole discretion, unacceptable.
5.2 The User may terminate this registration at any time by canceling the registration in accordance with the procedure described in the Portal. Once the cancellation has been accepted, the User’s access to the portal will be limited. The Center may, at its sole discretion, terminate or deny the User’s access to the Portal for any reason; for example, any conduct which the Center believes, in its sole discretion, violates the registration form or harms the interests of the Center.

6.1 If the User wishes to address any suggestions or questions to the Center on this portal, kindly contact the Center through the official communication channels.

7.1 Agreeing to these Terms and Conditions shall be deemed as a legal acknowledgment of their content.
7.2 Agreeing to the Terms and Conditions means agreeing to KSrelief’s core principles, code of ethics, work ethics, policies, procedures and mechanisms, as well as all that is related to combating terrorism or financing it, and combating prohibited acts in accordance with international instruments related to relief and humanitarian work that is in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
7.3 The User is solely responsible for the authenticity of all data, information and documents submitted to KSrelief, and shall hold the full responsibility before appropriate regulatory bodies for violating this Term.
7.4 Any registration form that does not include all required data and documents shall not be accepted.
7.5 Registering in the Portal, filling data and information and submitting documents by the User does not mean that the applicant’s file has been accepted or that it is registered in the list of portal users. KSrelief is not responsible for any action or decisions related to the Applicant or the User. Also, KSrelief disclaims full responsibility for any engagements or actions taken directly or indirectly by the Applicant or User.
7.6 Registration in the portal does not imply any contractual relationship between KSrelief and the Applicant and is not considered as a promise to contract with KSrelief.
7.7 KSrelief has the right to request any additional documents for the purpose of working with the Applicant.
7.8 KSrelief has the right to use all entered data and information in any way it deems necessary and possible to inquire about the Applicant.
7.9 KSrelief has the right to inquire about the authenticity of the entered data and documents with any other entity it chooses, including credit information and other data (which includes inquiries about credit histories inside and outside the Kingdom). The query about any data or information made by KSrelief shall not be considered a breach of confidentiality.
7.10 Registration in the lists of portal users shall not be considered as an acknowledgment, approval or recognition of the competence of the Applicant by KSrelief.
7.11 KSrelief has the right at any time to reject the registration of any user or cancel the registration at any time without reference to the Applicant or User of the Portal and without prior notice.
7.12 KSrelief has the right to ament, add, or eliminate any registration conditions, data, information or documents in Humanitarian Organizations and Institutions Registration Portal at any time.
7.13 KSrelief has the right to amend the classification of any of its registered entities according to this Portal at any time without prior notice.
7.14 KSrelief does not provide any certificates of qualification to any of the registered users of the Portal.
7.15 Users are required to update their data constantly and immediately in case of any modification or change in the entered data or information; otherwise, the registration shall be canceled, or the registration category may be changed without informing the User of the portal.
7.16 Registration in the portal is free of charge and does not require payment of any fees or expenses at any stage of registration.
7.17 In order to highlight the progress made by the User, their subcontractors, or collaborators in any way, and to ensure the implementation of KSrelief’s Code of Ethics and work ethics, the Center may take various initiatives and supporting actions, including initial or interim monitoring and evaluating procedures to be performed by KSrelief or any third party designated by KSrelief. In addition, Users, their subsidiaries and their employees, are obliged to comply with KSrelief’s Code of Ethics, and to agree that the Center or its delegates in some cases may conduct monitoring and evaluation procedures on projects and field work.
7.18 Through the use of this Portal, the User agrees to absolve KSrelief, its officials and staff from any responsibility and petition, and to compensate and protect the Center from any burdens, claims or losses, including litigation costs and expenses, as well as the attorneys' fees resulting from the misuse of this Portal by the User or by anyone accessing the Portal through the user's username and password. The scope of this Term extends to the claims and liability arising from the use of copyrighted materials and other intellectual properties by the User or by anyone having access to such materials through the user’s account.
7.19 The Applicants agree and acknowledge that all precautions shall be taken to avoid conflict of interest and that all efforts shall be made to resolve any dispute and settle any claims arising from this registration form, or from breaching, terminating or invalidating such a form. Any dispute, or claim arising under or because of this registration form shall be settled solely in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
7.20 Fraud, deception, exploitation or inappropriate conduct, as determined by the Center in its sole discretion, or breach of applicable laws (including, but not limited to, these Terms and Conditions and KSrelief’s Code of Ethics) may lead the Center to take legal and/or administrative measures, either itself, and/or through competent and relevant government authorities. These measures may include, but are not limited to, the suspension and withdrawal of the user's membership from the portal, the cancellation of the account registered on the portal, and the immediate suspension of all projects and the denial of registration in the portal in the future. KSrelief reserves the right to take appropriate legal measures to compensate for all burdens, including attorneys’ fees incurred in filing lawsuits arising from violating any of the applicable laws described above.
7.21 KSrelief reserves the right to audit (at any time and by any means) all accounts, information, or documents registered in the Portal, without notifying the applicant, to ensure compliance with the Terms and Conditions. If such an audit identifies possible errors or violations of the Terms and Conditions, or the Center believes that such an audit will show possible errors and/or violations of the Terms and Conditions, KSrelief has the right to delay or cancel the application for registration in the Portal until the completion of the auditing procedures.
7.22 KSrelief has the right to oblige the user to abide by the highest standers of morals and ethics, to respect the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rules, principles and laws of humanitarian work, and not to engage in any form of corruption, including extortion, fraud or bribery.